2018 Honda CR-Z Turbo

Monday, March 25th 2019 | Honda

Honda is just few steps ahead to introduce its CR-Z version during year 2018. This newly-emerged car is convinced to be one of the most awaited coupe as it will be built up in hybrid version with more powerful engine and more impressive styling than its predecessors. The car manufacturer is awfully confident to bring this stunning vehicle into the high level car competition in auto mobile world. The concept of Civic Type R and NSX model has much inspired the embodiment and characterization of this 2018 Honda CR-Z mock-up. Let’s get this car closer.

2018 Honda CR-Z
2018 Honda CR-Z Improvements

Exterior and Interior

The apparent look for the car changes and upgrades has not clearly shown. Any given information about the interior and exterior is still merely unofficial jaw. The exterior look of this CR-Z car will be attempting to adapt the perfect mix of Civic Type R and NSX as the basic model. This combination enhancement is designed to make this car look wickedly impressive. The 2018 Honda CR-Z is planned to outfit its body platform with strong aluminum wheels, dazzling rear wings, angular body lines and side panel folds along with better roof lines. The interior modification is nuanced with luxury and full comfort. The high-grade elements like ergonomic leather seats, center-oriented console and also other advanced equipment are featured to the inside part the car. The attached touchscreen, instrument panel, guiding wheel features, satellite navigation, rear-parking sensors, USB and Bluetooth connectivity for cellular phone combination to create a great high-tech sensations. To provide an elegant excitement, the best audio system will also be installed to this car.

Engine and Performance

Experts predict that the 2018 Honda CR-Z will turn up with 2.0 L Turbocharged VTEC engine with 4 cylindrical tube that can produce 280 hp power unit. This Honda hybrid version will bring 1.5 liter I-DCD electric motor with 200 horsepower estimated production. The car automaker has selected to use an improved 8-speed automatic gearbox transmission. To provide more balanced control, the braking system enhancement and suspension betterment are taken into account. Compared to its formers, this CR-Z is claimed to have more economic fuel system.

2018 Honda CR-Z Price and Release Date

Even the official pricing confirmation has not still published, the 2018 Honda CR-Z’s value is appraised to worth between $27,000 to $35,000. The premiere of this CR-Z generation is expected to be held in Detroit Auto Show that predictably commences sometimes in 2017. For car enthusiasts, keep calm and stay tuned.

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