2018 Ford Expedition

Thursday, March 14th 2019 | Ford

2018 Ford Expedition is SUV car by Ford that is worth to wait. Ford always successes to offer great car with great design and engine performance. This time, the company has made many improvements in some specifications such as design and the engine performance. Unfortunately, the company has not announced the official information yet but some rumors are worth to hear about this car that is spread wide. This car is believed to hit the market of SUV class with all of its improvements.

2018 Ford Expedition Spy Shots
2018 Ford Expedition Improvements

Interior and Exterior

The test drive of this car has already done in Detroit by the company. Unfortunately, the car is still in camouflage which makes people cannot see the detail appearance of this car. People believe that this car will have strong appearance as the SUV cars. It is because Ford always gives good design for its car. Along with the exterior, the detail interior of this car is also not known yet. It is predicted that this car will have almost the same interior design with the F150 type. But, it can be right that the company adds more features that are better than the previous model to make this car more gorgeous as SUV car. This 2018 Ford Expedition is predicted will be the best full sized and lighter SUV by Ford.

Engine Performance

The company has released the information about the engine used by this 2018 Ford Expedition. The engine of this car will be powered with the 2.7-liter engine capacity and V6 engine along with the EcoBoost technology to complete the performance of this engine. The EcoBoost technology is equipped in order to make this engine run faster without having much air pollution. This technology can help the car to have a better environment by not producing much air pollution when it is used.

2018 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

For people who are interested in this car, they can get this car in their garage in the middle of 2018. Unfortunately, the official price is not announced yet for now. But, there is some prediction that this car will be priced start around $21,000 to $33,000. This car is issued to be the best competitor with the Chevy Suburban series. So, it is worth enough to have this 2018 Ford Expedition with that price by looking the previous success of this model.

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