2017 Dodge RAM 1500 SRT Hellcat Concept

Saturday, March 9th 2019 | Dodge

Dodge is still preparing their latest light duty truck that will be announced soon as the new 2017 Dodge RAM 1500 that was what we heard from some rumors at this current time. It is designed for the global market. Since it is not a new comer on its segment, Dodge could offer it with some refreshments to strengthen its domination.

This light duty car gained more popularity and some improvements are ready to offer in 2017 Dodge RAM 1500.

2017 Dodge RAM 1500 SRT
2017 Dodge RAM 1500 Concept


If the engine gets improved, the exterior part of the truck will be enhanced. Based on rumors, Dodge is quite promising to offer the car with the aluminum material. As a result, its bodywork would be lighter than before. In addition, the styling will be refreshed especially for its front grille and bumper. Now, it will come out with more powerful and stylish look as the new 2017 Dodge RAM 1500.


Unlike the exterior that gets some improvements to make it much better, the story is quite different from its cabin. 2017 Dodge RAM 1500 is mentioned by some unofficial sites there are almost no changes at all to offer. It is only designed to give better experience especially for driver by improving some features that have been presented. You might find out the improved dual zone auto climate, electric braking, cruise control and audio system inside.


There is a big rumor that among some improvements around this light truck, it will get improvement especially for its engine department. This information is supported with some hints available. 2017 Dodge RAM 1500 is quite possible to go with the same engine as the previous model but it will be improved. In a short saying, buyers will meet the V8 engine and 4.7 liter which is capable to produce the amount of output for around 340 horsepower.

2017 Dodge RAM 1500 Release Date and Price

There is no announcement has been done by Dodge and it shows a big indication that the company would like to start its market sometime in 2016. Regardless the fact, the starting price tag could be about $23,000. The cost is quite reasonable because we think that the significant change is only around its engine department and exterior details. However, since all information is still based on rumors and unofficial sources, we cannot grant that this review is totally true related to 2017 Dodge RAM 1500.

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