2017 Cadillac XTS

Tuesday, February 26th 2019 | Cadillac

The first member of the new generation in Cadillac models will be Cadillac XTS Platinum. In order to deal with some great rivals such as BMW or Audi A6, Cadillac would like to release their new 2017 Cadillac XTS.

New Cadillac XTS
2017 Cadillac XTS Specs


For those who need a smooth performance with stylish design, choosing 2017 Cadillac XTS could be the best option. It allows you to choose the power unit with the same amount of cylinders and volume. It is designed to produce the output for about 308 horsepower and also 359 Nm of torque power which is basically still sufficient with its weight for about 1800kg through front-wheel drive configuration.

2017 Cadillac XTS as the American version will be completed with turbo engine and two-liter which is still unknown when it will be confirmed for its engine details and everything is still unknown. It shows a big indication that the four-cylinder turbocharged is only designed for European market. It is quite promising to find out that Cadillac would like to release all information in fall when American is ready to go with the Old continent so that Cadillac will design this car featured with a motor to produce the amount of engine that is quite smaller than the first which is around 272 horsepower.


Many reports mentioned about the availability of new electronically controlled shock absorbers Magnetic Ride adaptive chassis settings to deal with any types of road conditions. In addition, buyers could find out u Trim Premium and Platinum or even the standard. To complete, Cadillac would like to add adaptive headlights IntelliBeam that is capable to switch automatically between remote and dipped lighting in 2017 Cadillac XTS so that it will give corners illumination.

2017 Cadillac XTS is also designed with the more comfort and it is the main prior for the official. Thus, they would like to offer it with front-wheel drive auto parking with new electric steering. Other features will be enhanced including drivers’ armrest, wood paneling, and innovative opaque visor sunroof and rear seats for kids. It also offers you the optional DVD entertainment system.

2017 Cadillac XTS Price and Release Date

As we have mentioned to you that Cadillac has not given any confirmation yet for the details of 2017 Cadillac XTS. It means that all information we have gained are based on rumors, speculations and expectations. Some reliable sources mentioned that sometime at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017, Cadillac may starts releasing it. We expect that the cost is around $38,000.

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