2017 Ford Falcon

Tuesday, February 12th 2019 | Ford

A new full-sized sedan will be prepared by Ford in order to complete the demand among their fans which is 2017 Ford Falcon. It is mentioned that Ford would like to make it more premium. Basically this known-well automaker would like to keep its popularity since they started the debut of this sedan around the past of 60’s.

With the growth of sedan market that is getting increased all the time, it would be important for Ford to release 2017 Ford Falcon because there would be many great competitors to deal with. To strengthen their position, Ford would give some refreshments around this car to challenge the rivals.

New 2017 Ford Falcon GT
2017 Ford Falcon Concept


Unlike the mechanical specification that is still bias, the exterior design and styling is easier to get known. 2017 Ford Falcon for its styling is reported to get meaningful improvement. It is reported by some unofficial site that the company would like to offer it with sleeker bodywork so that the car has much more elegant look compared to its predecessor. For its details, they will adopt the new design by adding large trapezoidal style around the grille to complete the thinner headlights. This way would be enough to give much perfect look with the sportier and more modern appearance.


Other improvements that will be prepared by Ford are the interior. 2017 Ford Falcon has some updates for the styling inside the cabin. Overall, the car will be much stylish. Thanks for the more premium look around the cabin. Even it is mentioned by rumors that there will be sophisticated technologies and features to enrich it.


Although rumors are circulating on this car that said there will be some improvements, so far it is still hard to know about the engine specification. Rumors mentioned that there will be two engine options to offer. First, it is Ecoboost turbocharged engine 2.0 liter for the base version and second is the supercharged Ecoboost engine for the top trim of 2017 Ford Falcon.

2017 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

2017 Ford Falcon has not been released yet by the official. Some information mentioned that it should be released at the first half of next year with the estimated price about $80,000. Well, all information above is still has not been confirmed yet by Ford so that we cannot grant you for the truth. The rumors might go wrong or true.

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