2017 Honda Odyssey Release Date Redesign

Saturday, February 9th 2019 | Honda

Honda is quite popular as one of the greatest automaker in the world. One of the best products that have been produced by Honda is Honda Odyssey and now we found a big sign that they will release 2017 Honda Odyssey. Since many people have big curiosity for its details, we have collected some information based on rumors and speculations because Honda has not given any announcement officially yet.

New 2017 Honda Odyssey
2017 Honda Odyssey Redesign


2017 Honda Odyssey will be the direct competitor for Acura MDX. There will be some changes you could find out in this car to make it much better than the previous model. It is mentioned that the first prior for the company is about giving the powerful engine.

At this moment, many people have big anticipation for its arrival for the global market. It is predicted by many reviewers that the company will start selling it sometime in 2016 at the end of that year. Since all information above is still based on rumors, predictions and speculations, it means that we need to wait the official announcement held by Honda which is still too far from now on. One thing for sure is that instead of purchasing the current version, it is strongly recommended for you to wait the new 2017 Honda Odyssey.


The mechanical details for this 2017 Honda Odyssey will be supported with the new engine system. The engine execution is quite better than before. You can find out the V6 engine system and 3.5 liter which is able to produce the amount of output for around 300 horsepower and also 260 lb-ft of torque. To generate that amount of output, the engine will be mated to nine-speed auto transmission that is also used by Acura MDX. It is expected that the engine would be more than enough to give a conventional driving experience.

2017 Honda Odyssey Release Date

Speaking about the price tag, all changes and improvements around this car surely will make it much more expensive compared to the previous model. It is informed by many reliable sources that the cost could be about $28,000 for the base version of 2017 Honda Odyssey. The LX model is the highest trim which means that you should pay extra money to purchase with the price tag for around $43,000. The inner and outer part of the car will come out with better design. It has more stylish look compared to the competitor.

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