New 2017 BMW M5 xDrive AWD

Thursday, February 7th 2019 | BMW

To offer you a new ride, it is totally clear that 2017 BMW M5 will go with redesigned concept to make it much better with some new things offered by BMW, the prestigious automaker. It will be more prominent with some new things. Thanks for the new platform so that the car has more ideal weight than before to offer improved handling, performance and fuel economy. 2017 BMW M5 surely is much better than the predecessor. Of course, with the reputable position on the market and most of their cars are well-accepted, we do believe that BMW would not give up offering something more and more to keep their existence. Now, they are ready to shock the market with this latest edition that will make you amazed once it is ready on the market.

2017 BMW M5 Front View
2017 BMW M5 Features

As the redesigned 2017 BMW M5, some possible improvements are possible to come out. BMW is quite promising to offer upgraded traffic update system, new weather system, audio system and infotainment system. Besides, you also could find out new cruise control and navigation with the new power steering and keyless entry to give more conventional driving experience. The main point that BMW would like to offer is the convenience of passengers. To achieve this goal, they will support it with new heated seats, Bluetooth, wireless connectivity, USB ports and so on. For the best protection, BMW also has some nice features including rear view camera, both front and rear parking sensors and much more in 2017 BMW M5.


For its mechanical details, 2017 BMW M5 is hard to deny that it is coming out to attract buyers. This luxury car is coming with the high-performance. The engine is quite special to complete the 2017 competition. Although BMW is still silent and keep all information about the engine specification tightly under their hat, it is very possible for buyers to find out the powerful twin-turbo engine six-cylinder and 3.0 liter in order to offer the amount of output for more than 400 horsepower. This engine could produce a fantastic output because the support of either manual transmission system or the dual clutch auto transmission system six-speed. With this combination, 2017 BMW M5 is quite possible to go for around 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. This acceleration is so fascinating for a new car. Therefore, its arrival is hard to be ignored especially by the rivals.

BMW M5 Gallery

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