2017 Mazda RX7 Concept, Specs and Review

Friday, February 1st 2019 | Mazda

A lightweight body design will complete the engine execution of 2017 Mazda RX7 to be much better than before. It is speculated by many reviewers that the company will offer it with higher performance since Mazda would like to mark the 50 year for its first production that was started in 1967. As a Japanese automaker, Mazda has serious commitment to offer excellent engine performance for 2017 Mazda RX7.

2017 Mazda RX-7 Rendering
2017 Mazda RX7 Specs

As what we said at the very first beginning that there will be lighter bodyweight added in this car with the total amount of weight for around 1250 kg. To offer better engine execution, Mazda considers using rotary engine with the capability to produce the amount of output for around 400 horsepower. To complete the engine performance, the company will retain the current transmission which either six-speed manual or five-speed auto gearbox. It also goes as a classic coupe with two-door layout as the best option to give ideal weight. It sounds more interesting when we heard that Mazda will extend the platform for this latest edition which is the KX7 platform to make it as a sport car with aggressive and adorable styling for 2017 Mazda RX7.


Its first debut was started in 1978. At that time, the company offered the car as the replacement for Savannah RX7. The car was designed with 1.3 liter engine to produce the amount of output for around 133 horsepower and at 1983 the company released the new KX7 with turbo engine 1.1 liter for the capability of 163 horsepower. They continued the development by releasing the redesigned model through 1.1 liter with the capability to deliver 146 horsepower and 202 horsepower. After a long time, finally Mazda has the new engine right now which is possible for 2017 Mazda RX7. It is 1.6 liter of engine to crank out the output or around 300 metric horsepower. With this engine, Mazda has great optimist that the engine is quite excellent since it is supported with the lightweight body design.

2017 Mazda RX7 Price and Release Date

It is still hard to get known the price tag that could be announced by the company if the schedule for its release is getting closer. What we expect is the company would like to release and announce the price sometime in the beginning of 2017 or in the end of 2016 for 2017 Mazda RX7.

Well, all review about this Japanese car is still regardless the fact. All data are still based on rumors and speculations. 2017 Mazda RX7 should come out soon to deal with some strong rivals.

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