2017 Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid

Tuesday, January 29th 2019 | Ford

The latest and hottest edition of 2017 Ford Fusion will shake the global automotive industry soon when it is ready to be launched. It is one of the most wanted cars from Ford. This American automaker would like to give more innovations to complete its arrival.

2017 Ford Fusion will cover the demand and expectation for buyers on the global market. Therefore, Ford would like to offer it with some positive improvements and changes around its part. The car basically will go with new attractive design.

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2017 Ford Fusion Changes

Exterior and Interior

2017 Ford Fusion is designed as the Mini MPV or Multi Purpose Vehicle and it will be the best option for those who need it for various duties. The performance is quite wonderful no matter you drive it for main or rough road. All-new model will be designed to create a great success on the global market. The design is quite attractive to complete its aggressive engine execution.

At the very first sight, you will love its sporty and luxury design around the outer part of the car. It has revised body with the smooth and very dynamic concept. Its nose is elongated to give sporty look ad performance. Around the front row, buyers will find out the classier and sportier front grille in larger rectangular shape. This grille is revised to be sharper and very modular to complete the head and taillights which are featured with LED technology as the best way to give higher efficiency in 2017 Ford Fusion.

2017 Ford Fusion is quite amazing especially when you go inside because the luxury and sporty concept will be presented there. It has very ergonomic cabin design with the premium synthetic leather used for passenger seats so that it is very durable, strong and elastic. The cabin also offers more cargo capacity for those who love driving this car for touring. The resized wheelbase will be higher and overall is around 2.490mm.

Feature and Engine

As a multipurpose car, we cannot deny that it has high-technology and systems with some cool features to offer such as 12-speaker Sony audio system, MyFord touch screen entertainment, 100 volt power outlet, HD radio, remote start, adaptive cruise control, parallel rear parking assist, forward collision warning and cross traffic alert in 2017 Ford Fusion. Those features are enough to give better assistance, entertainment and protection.

2017 Ford Fusion moreover will go with four-cylinder hybrid engine and 2.5 liter to produce 175 horsepower. It is paired with either six-speed manual or automatic and the standard price for the global market is from $22.447 to $32.281.

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