New 2017 BMW i3 Concept

Saturday, January 26th 2019 | BMW

BMW would like to reveal their new urban car called 2017 BMW i3. As we know that traditionally BMW loves to offer various M, X, and now they will complete it with the i3 model. It is designed as a purely electric drive with four-meter hatchback. Although its concept is a bit similar as the BMW E1, the company never starts its production before.

New BMW i3 Concept
2017 BMW i3 Concept


The interior design will be available with a bit unconventional look. It has opened gullwing doors and there is no center pillar. This concept is basically the same as BMW has done for its Mini Clubman. We glad to know that the futuristic design is added around the cabin with no traditional design at all. 2017 BMW i3 is featured with BMW screen multimedia system, radio, control panel, iDrive multifunction steering wheel design and so on.

The seats are designed a bit high and it has large glass area so that it is quite easy for driver to view forward and side. The recycled materials will be available to offers. Buyers will find out the upholstered natural leather seats from dyed chemistry instead of wool, olive oil or recycled textiles. In addition, 2017 BMW i3 has matt black finish beneath the door panels and windscreen which is made of recycled plastic and not carbon parts.


The body structure for this car is quite revolutionary which is made of aluminum and carbon. This way is helpful to give lighter bodyweight that is around 1185kg and 230kg for the battery. The unconventional look makes it more unique as 2017 BMW i3. You can find out some redesigned details especially for the tailgate. The body proportion for this car is quite ideal with the length around 3999mm that is featured with short overhangs and the height is around 1578mm. It has traction motor about 125kW placed at rear part with single-stage gearbox to complete its rear-wheel drive setup. It has fluid cooler to the front bumper with powerful electric motor to give optimal performance and cooling.


Under the hood, it has the same maximum output as BWM 118i that is using turbo engine 1.6 liter to produce 125kW and also petrol 1.4 TSI to produce 103kW in new Octavia and golf. It is also possible to have HDI turbo diesel 1.6 liter for 84kW and Citroen has 270Nm. With this engine, it could go about 7.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km that is quite consistent as BMW 118i for 2017 BMW i3.

2017 BMW i3 Price and Release Date

2017 BMW i3 offers you the base price tag about € 35,000 to €33,000. It is expected to come out in spring of 2016.

BMW i3 Gallery

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