2017 BMW X3 Release Date and Changes

Friday, January 25th 2019 | BMW

BMW would like to challenge some strong rivals by preparing 2017 BMW X3. Many reports mentioned that the car just have done its driving performance test. It is coming out with the luxurious design that will complete the space between the F16 BMW X6 and F15 BMW X5. Some changes are possible to offer such as the new headlights, new front grille with kidney design and the more upright nose. It is truly different from the previous model because 2017 BMW X3 has round squared shapes to give aggressive yet muscular look. It is expected that this new generation would be enough to deal with some strong rivals.

New BMW X3 Front View
2017 BMW X3 Changes

Exterior and Interior

When you go inside the cabin, 2017 BMW X3 is only designed with two-row seats as the previous model but the backseats are upgraded with the adjustable backrest angle, length and height to give maximum comfort for the passengers. This way will give a more excitement when buyers would like to purchase it for a long ride. The car has more spacious design with the modular style in most of its parts. It is completed with the panoramic roof that is possible to be accessed inside with the larger opening compared to the previous model. Its panoramic roof will be featured with double vent position and there is a second deflector to give best protection from its back winds. We have a big expectation that BMW as the reputable automaker would like to give some upgrades for some important features around the car including the safety, entertainment and navigation system as the new 2017 BMW X3.

Specs and Features

About its general specification, this 2017 BMW X3 will come out with lighter bodyweight. If you compare it with F23 X3 BMW series, the car has more than 100kg lighter body and this way would be enough to make the car to be the best option. The power is quite high. The M40i is capable to produce the amount of output for around 360 horsepower and the base M model is capable to generate around 422 horsepower when we talk about the mechanical output. But the best thing is this hybrid model will go with 240 horsepower and the drive unit has 95 horsepower which will be enough for 2017 BMW X3. This engine would be the best options for buyers with different needs. However, there is no official announcement yet given by BMW related to these rumors.

BMW X3 Gallery

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