New 2017 Nissan Z Car

Saturday, December 29th 2018 | Nissan

In future, the fans of Nissan is possible to see the latest version of 2017 Nissan Z. It is designed in order to complete the current demand and trend. Moreover, Nissan would like to strengthen its domination to challenge some strong rivals in the same class. It is hard to ignore the presence of Nissan since they are a big automaker that has been producing many high-quality cars. What we could serve to you on the table is some rumors and speculations about it.

New Nissan Z Concept
2017 Nissan Z Car Changes

2017 Nissan Z has a new design with the completely new look for both inside and outside. It has handsome appearance with the excellent handling feature. The body design is completed with lighter weight as the best way to produce better performance than before. Moreover, buyers could find out that it has lighter material that is aluminum for some parts of its exterior and interior.

For its price tag, it seems hard to believe the rumors right now which mentioned that 2017 Nissan Z will offer cheaper cost compared to the previous model. We know that Nissan would like to create it as an affordable car to attract buyers. The predecessor was offered with less expensive cost among the rivals but with all development and improvement, it is more reasonable to say that the cost will be slightly higher than the predecessor.


To predict about the price, let us move on its engine department. First, it goes with the better engine system than before with the presence of inline four-motor with 2.0 liter that is created by Mercedes Benz. With this engine, the 2017 Nissan Z is capable to produce the amount of output even more than 210 horsepower and 285 lb-ft of torque. Buyers also could choose the alternative that is V6 engine and 3.0 liter to produce for more than 350 horsepower.

With this engine, the company would like to support it with six-speed manual and seven-speed auto transmission. Buyers could choose the best transmission based on their needs. The transmission will impact its engine execution for 2017 Nissan Z.

2017 Nissan Z Car Release Date

Although rumors mentioned that the price is less expensive than before and they stated 2017 Nissan Z could be about $35,000, it is still hard to believe since the official also offers some upgraded equipment and new features. That is why we need to wait the official confirmation. It is predicted that the company will release it at the end of 2016.

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