2017 Buick Grand National GNX

Tuesday, December 25th 2018 | Buick

As the hottest and latest production from General Motors, 2017 Buick Grand National is rumored to be released. Its production is quite wonderful to shake the market with the huge demands on it. It is hard to deny that the car has high specification with the excellent performance to complete its brilliant body design.

The first debut of 2017 Buick Grand National was started in 1973 and after a long time, General Motor has been presented five generation. This new car will be the fifth generation that is coming out with more improvements and revisions to deal with some strong competitors.

New 2017 Buick Grand National GNX
2017 Buick Grand National Specs

Exterior and Interior

2017 Buick Grand National is also quite popular with another name, Buick Regal and this car is designed to complete the luxury middle size car. It has a great success to amaze buyers because the refreshments added on it. It is reported by many unofficial sites that the company would like to make it much more stylish and even luxurious especially for its bodywork. It is also designed with slimmer and longer bodyline to give more aerodynamic feature.

2017 Buick Grand National has a great combination of sporty and luxury taste for its body design. The combination is quite enticing with the new grille and headlights around the front row that have been revised. Buyers also could find out the macho and manly front grille that is quite large in shape of trapezoid. It is more complete because the sharper headlights in shape of parallelogram and it is featured the firm handling suspension. This way will give more power for its controlling and handling. With the large tires and the sporting wheels, the car is quite great to offer enhanced top speed.

About the braking system, the company would like to offer Hydro Boost II. It will be the best solution so that the braking system would be more responsive. 2017 Buick Grand National is also has sporty and luxurious design. It happens because the lower wheelbase. Its wheelbase dimension is around 2.738mm.

Feature and Engine

It sounds interesting when we heard something more to get known especially the high engine system and devices. The features are quite sophisticated with the presence satellite radio, phone connectivity, 4G internet and phone connectivity, Bluetooth, Touch screen display 8 inches, adaptive cruise control, forward collision alert, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning and so on. It is hard to ignore the engine execution in 2017 Buick Grand National.

2017 Buick Grand National Price and Release Date

2017 Buick Grand National has four-cylinder engine 2.4 liter and six-speed manual transmission for up to 259 horsepower and the price tag could be around $30.176 to $39.207.

Buick Grand National Gallery

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