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Sunday, December 23rd 2018 | Ford

Ford, the well-known American market would like to offer a new interesting car in the future, 2017 Ford GT. Some unofficial reports mentioned that there will be more refreshments that buyers could find out. For those who have a big anticipation for its arrival, this report might answer all their questions.

Considering that the competition among the market is getting more advanced, Ford would like to make sure that their great position could be kept and the best strategy is to release 2017 Ford GT. This great supercar is prepared to be the futuristic sport car that might hit the market.

2017 Ford GT
2017 Ford GT Specs


With the improved mechanical details that are quite significant, we also find out other interesting improvements which are around the bodywork. It is mentioned by those reports that the company will offer updated styling for its bodywork. 2017 Ford GT has sportier look with more modern details to give more aggressive appearance. It could be achieved by lighter material on its body. This way would be enough to support its performance and fuel consumption too.


Since Ford born it as a supercar, the interior styling would be very important to support the excitement for both driver and buyers. To amaze buyers, 2017 Ford GT has a bit refreshed design so that overall the car is a bit similar to the previous model. It goes with dual seats design but we glad to know that the company would like to give minor update. This supercar will be much more amazing because the improved technologies and features to make it more conventional to ride.


We expect that Ford would like to improve the engine specification of this car as the new touch to attract buyers. It is rumored that there will be a new engine platform to offer, named Ecoboost engine technology. The most possible engine to go is V6 and 3.5 liter with the support of twin turbo to produce for up to 600 horsepower and per hour, the capability to run is more than 200 miles for 2017 Ford GT.

2017 Ford GT Release Date and Price

Basically the company displayed the concept of this supercar at 2015 Detroit Motor Show and we think that its arrival is quite possible to be released soon. It is only predicted that Ford will release it at the first half of 2016 with the pricing that is around $100,000 as the new 2017 Ford GT.

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