All New 2017 BMW 7 Series

Saturday, December 22nd 2018 | BMW

One of the car generations that you might anticipate for so long is 2017 BMW 7 Series. If we are talking about BMW Series, we could predict that many people have huge demands for their products. It is a prestigious automaker that always creates great cars based on current trends and demands. This German automaker is going to release new 2017 BMW 7 Series to keep their reputation on the global market. This car was introduced for its first debut in 1977 and it was a quite long that BMW has big consistency to give some updates for its life. They have been presented five generations. Now, this edition will be released in a new concept with some revisions to make it much more amazing.

2017 BMW 7 Series
2017 BMW 7 Series Changes

Exterior and Interior

New BMW 7 Series 2017 is designed to cover the demand on full-size luxury car and it has large size. The car is designed for those who love aggressive performance. Its outlook is more amazing because the sporty and luxury details around it. It also has very flawless body surface with sterling appearance.

We glad to know that some revisions are presented by BMW for 2017 BMW 7 Series. It could be seen because the more aerodynamic feature is available around its body line. With this concept, the car will have improved performance as a luxury car. Its front row is much more sophisticated with the modified nose in larger and sharper design to strengthen the concept of its sporty design. BMW will carry over the front grille as the trademark of BMW. It has double grille in trapezoidal shape while both sides will give a nice complement because the refreshed and more aggressive sharp headlights.

2017 BMW 7 Series as a luxury car will be equipped with double wishbone suspension as the modern system to give better handling and controlling. With the resized wheelbase that is larger but lower, the new dimension for this car is around 3.210mm. Its cabin will be built to give more refreshing and luxurious design. The legroom space is quite great to offer more comfort. With the combination of smooth black and light cream, it is coming with the luxury concept that is hard to ignore.

Engine, Feature and Price

2017 BMW 7 Series will be a luxurious car that is easily to predict to come out with sophisticated technology and engine execution. Its features are incredible with the support of 12-speaker stereo, auto climate control four-zone, navigation, backup camera, adaptive cruise control, parking-braking assist, rear-seat entertainment system, front-seat collision warning and so on. We should admit the great aggressiveness for its performance with the six-cylinder engine and 3.0 liter paired to eight-speed auto transmission for the cost at $66.668 to $130.492.

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