2017 Mercedes C Class Coupe

Saturday, December 22nd 2018 | Mercedes Benz

To replace the outgoing CLC and deals against BMW 3-Series Coupe, 2017 Mercedes C Class is ready to come out. It is mentioned that the company has done the test for its series. The technical design is shared with E-Class coupe with the difference that the car has 10mm shorter design and it works for younger drivers to complete the demand of sportier ride.

With the tight competition to deal with BMW 3-Series, of course Mercedes has big task in order to have great commitment to give their best work with 2017 Mercedes C Class. We expect that there will be some significant improvements for most of its parts without making it too radical.

New 2017 Mercedes C Class Coupe
2017 Mercedes C Class Coupe Specs

Based on the test car of 2017 Mercedes C Class, we think that it will get the improved special design Edition 1. You will find out richer equipment such as inter alia, two-tone steering wheel performance, porcelain decoration colored fillings or black perforated seats in contrast stitching. All of this equipment will be more than enough to give a high satisfaction among buyers.

It is hard to deny that the cabin design is very stylish in this car with enough space for 2017 Mercedes C Class because the same platform with E-coupe. It offers the same as BMW 3 Series in the term of ample and comfortable rear set. In this car, you can get the similar interior design like Greece but it has longer perspective. There, many details that would make it more different from the previous model.

2017 Mercedes C Class Coupe Engine

It is possible to offer four-cylinder engine for the company since 2017 Mercedes C Class has more advanced technology and they have no worry at all for the absence of six-cylinder diesel. But, the customers need to accept it. The most powerful diesel engine that is available is as 300-sedan and 350 CDI with 195kW could be purchased for this car but its tested version is 250 version CDI double turbo diesel four-cylinder and 2.1 liter for 150kW.

2017 Mercedes C Class Coupe Price and Release Date

Speaking about the price tag, it is hard to get known it. We only found some reliable sources mentioned that the possible price tag is around $63,000 For the release date, people are expecting that the company would like to release it in 2016 on April as the new 2017 Mercedes C Class.

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