2017 Jeep Scrambler Pickup Diesel Specs, Price, Release Date

Tuesday, July 18th 2017 | Jeep

When it is all about Jeep, all conversation goes to their off-road SUV. It is also one of the most popular brands in the class. Jeep has some more things to offer such as the Gladiator (based on the SJ Wagoneer), Comanche (Cherokee XJ), and the CJ-8 Scrambler. We have to say that jeep makes the brand better by the time. Even though there is no evidence yet for its arrival, rumors and speculations of this 2017 Jeep Scrambler is getting louder.

2017 Jeep Scrambler Pickup
2017 Jeep Scrambler Exterior

Jeep surely needs to spend a lot of money to build all parts for the 2017 Jeep Scrambler since the previous concept is old. To solve this issue, it is possible for the company to borrow some pars from the Wrangler. According to rumors, it is a new pickup with small bodywork that reminds you to the Scrambler of 1980’s.

It comes with bold and solid look to make it able to deal with uneven roads. The exterior has a slight redesign with more masculine design than the Wrangler. The front fascia has a grille with seven slots. The headlights set higher to protect the grille. The storage also comes with extra space.

2017 Jeep Scrambler Interior2017 Jeep Scrambler Interior

Taking of the cabin, the new 2017 Jeep Scrambler has some parts from the Wrangler. Jeep is going to complete it with luxury animal skin seats. At the rear, the dimming feature for the rear mirrors support the pickup to reduce glare. The heating system helps the pickup for s great temperature inside. Other cabin features are advanced navigation unit, LED technology, Bluetooth audio, smartphone integration, and others. As of the safety features, it has anti-lock braking system, side and front airbags, high headrests, and more.

2017 Jeep Scrambler Engine

When it comes to the engine, rumors said that the pickup truck is possible to have a diesel engine. It can be the 3.6 liter to make 260 lb-ft of torque. The alternative is a gas engine with a six-speed auto transmission. However, the details of the performance for 2017 Jeep Scrambler are still unknown.

2017 Jeep Scrambler Diesel2017 Jeep Scrambler Release Date and Price

As other things of the 2017 Jeep Scrambler, the company does not make the official announcement yet. We expect that the price can be similar to make it competitive. Jeep should not increase the price too much since it would not help the sale. We think that the pickup is going to be the big rival for the Ford F-150, which we know that the starting price is $28,400. Therefore, jeep should offer it about $29,000 or $30,000 as the base price.

For the fans, they have been waiting the pickup for more than a decade. It was in 2005 we saw the Gladiator concept. Rumors explain that its launch date should be at the first quarter of 2017.

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