2020 Honda Accord Sedan Spy Shots, Coupe Confirm Get Turbo Engines

Tuesday, June 13th 2017 | Honda

We believe that Honda will include the new 2020 Honda Accord as the part of their market plans in the future. There are several engineering plants the company can provide for the new 2020 model, even if the time is still from now.

As we all know, the presence of Accord on the market is since 1976. It means Honda can keep the car for more than forty years. They can keep up their work to make it as one of the best choices in the class. It is also the first option among other Japanese models. Therefore, Honda will send it back to the market for 2019 demand. They will re-engineer the current model to make it as the new car in two years away.

2020 Honda Accord Redesign
2020 Honda Accord

A new approach will complete the 2020 Accord by combining modern materials and technology for the construction. The company will make it from carbon fiber to lower the weight. Some composite materials can improve the gas mileage without losing the safety for its crash structure. The full-carbon composite platforms are still possible, but they can use more composites for the chassis.

The style will be different from the previous model, but it is still recognizable. The shape has more aerodynamic details, less drag, and the front is still similar to the predecessor. It has a smart look with the sporty design, not aggressive. We will see the car with larger air intakes for its charge cooling system. The company will increase the down force with the beautiful sculpted panels and bodywork to make it sleeker, yet swoopy.

2020 Honda Accord Interior

A brand new platform may help the new Honda Accord 2020 to get a little change inside. Some upgrades are possible to offer. It has a new suspension system, best riding experience, and luxurious cabin details. The target for the company is to make it lighter. Therefore, it is possible if they will use lighter components for the cabin.

2020 Honda Accord Spy Shots2020 Honda Accord Engine

Takahiro Hachigo, the CEO of Honda has confirmed that the new Honda Accord and the CR-V will get a smaller engine unit, turbocharged as you can find in the new Civic. In another word, it will use a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that is good to make about 174 BHP. The torque power is still unknown.

Some unofficial sources explained about the car to get more engine options such as electric or hybrid. Hachigo added that he expect for two-third of all sales from Honda can be hybrid power by 2030. We do hope that Honda can make everything comes true sooner.

Does it possible to see the V6 engine in the 2020 model? It sounds possible, but it rather unlikely. Honda may add more out output to their top line flagships, and the fans get the benefit if they anticipate the Accord, but sadly, the company has to deal with the global emissions, so it sounds it can be a fault if we do not see the V6 power plant. We do know that the internal combustion technology is changing for every day, but it is still doubtful.

Speaking about the transmission, they will use the Honda’s CVT, Constantly Variable Transmission to the car. An update for the transmission is important to remove the glitches.

2020 Honda Accord Release Date and Price

Nobody knows about the pricing of the 2020 Honda Accord. The current model is in 2017 with the starting price about more than $24,000 for the base and increases more than $27,000 for a complete trim level. The price depends on the technology to bring. We assume the price of the car is still competitive. We expect it will hit the showroom with the base price about $26,500. The best time to launch the vehicle is in the middle of 2019, so the production will start at the end of 2019.

2020 Honda Accord Gallery

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