2019 Honda Pilot Preview, Price and Release Date

Tuesday, March 28th 2017 | Honda

Japanese automobile, Honda, will launch its next generation of Pilot series which is the 2019 Honda Pilot. It will come as the 2019 year model SUV car even though the size is little bit little than the other car. The car will be launched in some trim levels which can be chosen and come with different specification. The changes will cover the interior, exterior, and also engine performance. The exterior look will impress people from the sportier design, inside the car there will be fresh design with updated technology. Moreover, the engine performance will have better result with better engine.

2019 Honda Pilot Front Angle
2019 Honda Pilot Exterior

The new designs of new Honda Pilot are made to be sportier. The car is made to be able to pass any terrains. Its body is made from the aluminum and other materials that will support the car to have lighter material. In result, the weight of the car is reduced up to 300 pounds. The changes found in the new Pilot will be the 20-inch alloy wheels used. Also, there will be the accurate manage systems that will help 2019 Honda Pilot to be controlled in driving.

2019 Honda Pilot Interior

Inside the 2019 Honda Pilot there will be three rows of seats that can accommodate 7 up to 8 passengers. The seats are completed with the seatbelts and also covered with the high quality of leather. The cabin area is larger than the previous model. The futuristic designs and features used will be available on the new Pilot.

2019 Honda Pilot Engine

Under the hood of the new Pilot will be the 3.5-liter engine capacity with V6 engine. It will be able to deliver power up to 280 horsepower. The engine used is the same as the Acura MDX’s engine but with more 30 horsepower than it. The transmission system used will be the 6-speed automatic transmission system with front wheels as the standard and four-wheel drive system as the option. In the other trims of 2019 Honda Pilot which are Elite and Touring trims the transmission used will be the 9-speed automatic transmission system.

2019 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Some rumors state that the new 2019 Honda Pilot will be launched in around 2018 as the 2019 year model. The price for the new Honda Pilot is predicted will start from $34.000. The price will also depend on the trim level chosen.

2019 Honda Pilot Gallery