2018 Honda Clarity Plug in Hybrid

Wednesday, October 19th 2016 | Honda

2018 Honda Clarity is the new sedan car by Honda that is predicted will come in around 2018 or 2019. This car will come with some new changes in some aspects such as in the interior, exterior, and also engine performance. In the exterior designs the car will have larger body that will impact the interior designs too which will be more spacious. In the engine performance, the new engine will be equipped to this car along with the electric motor that will complete the performance of this car.

2018 Honda Clarity Hybrid

Exterior and Interior

The new designs for the exterior of this car will be more stylish. The car will coma as the electric car with the unique designs. The body is designed to be larger as the sedan car. The larger body will impact the cabin area that will be able to accommodate for about five passengers. In the front part of the car, there will be new design of headlights along with the grille and the bumpers. Moreover, the company will offer three colours that can be chosen which are white, black, and also maroon. In the interior designs, there will be new designs for the seats. The seats will come with the leather cover that is mated with the interior colour of the car. Then, in the entertainment features there will be the high technology system such as the touch screen display, control panel for the steering wheel and also audio systems that cover the Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. To complete the interior designs, the safety features are upgraded too. Overall, the interior designs will make both driver and passengers feel comfort in driving 2018 Honda Clarity.

2018 Honda Clarity Interior2018 Honda Clarity EngineEngine

The under hood of this 2018 Honda Clarity will be powered with the 2.4-liter engine capacity along with the four-cylinder gasoline unit. This engine will be able to deliver power up to 174 horsepower and also 221 lb-ft of torque. The engine will be completed with the electric motor system that will reach for about more than 434 miles with the hydrogen storage fuel tank. The engine and specifications equipped to this car will make the performance and acceleration of the car better along with the result of the efficient usage of mileage.

2018 Honda Clarity Release Date and Price

The release date of this ca is predicted will be launched in around 2018 or even in the next year in Japan and also US market. The price that is tagged to this car will start from $55.000 up to $65.000. The price that is tagged to this car is worth enough by looking the improvements given to some aspects to 2018 Honda Clarity.

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