2018 Fiat Palio

Sunday, October 2nd 2016 | Fiat

2018 Fiat Palio is the new Fiat’s car that is predicted will be launched soon. The changes in the car will cover the exterior, interior, and also engine performance of the car. The changes or improvements will surely satisfy and fulfill the interest and curios of people in this car.

Fiat Palio 2018 Front View

Exterior and Interior

The new design is applied for the exterior and also interior of this car. In the exterior of this car, this 2-4 doorway car will have better appearance that shows sportier looks. Even though, the changes in the exterior are not too much, but the appearance of this car will surely satisfy people. The interior of this car will get some new touches such as the new technology that is integrated with some features. The cabin will also be designed as comfort as possible to enhance the convenient of driver and passengers in driving this car. The infotainment and the entertainment features will give more comfort and ease for both driver and passengers. The safety features will also get some improvements too in order to enhance the safety inside the car. In line with the exterior of this car, the interior detail of this car is also not known yet for now. But, there is nothing to worry because the company promises the changes and improvements inside and also outside of this car that will satisfy people in having this 2018 Fiat Palio.


The under hood that is powered to this 2018 Fiat Palio will be the 1.1-liter engine capacity that will give this car acceleration to 100 km for every 12,2 seconds. The power that is produced by this car is predicted to be very good because it results better performance. However, the other detail specifications that are given to this car are not known yet. The company surely will work hard to make the performance of this car better than the previous type and model.

2018 Fiat Palio Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, the release date of this car is not known for now. Some predictions also do not know when this car will be launched by the company. In line with the release date, the price is also still unknown too. People expected to have this car with more affordable price. So, people who are interested in this car should wait for the official information about the release date and also the price of this 2018 Fiat Palio.

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