2018 Volvo S80

Tuesday, September 27th 2016 | Volvo

2018 Volvo S80 will come as the new luxury sport car that will cherish the sport car market. The changes are absolutely improved by the company. The exterior design will get some touches that will make the car has different look. In the interior design, the new touches will enhance the comfort of the driver and passengers. The engine performance also will complete the better performance of the car. Overall, those changes will boost the performance and appearance of the car.

2018 Volvo S80 Front Angle

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the car will have some changes. It can be found in the front and rear part of the car. Bumpers for the front and the rear parts will have stretch look that will be make the look of the car lower and also wider. For the taillights there will be the rectangular lights that will give modern look. The wheels used are the 19 inches alloy wheels but other wheels such as 17 inches or even the 18 inches will also available as the options that can be chosen by the customers. Inside of the car, the cabin will be designed with high quality materials. Some panels will also be available in the cabin. Some features are updated with new technology such as the infotainment features and safety features. The changes in the exterior and interior design are expected will be able to enhance the comfort and convenience for both driver and passengers of this 2018 Volvo S80.

2018 Volvo S80 InteriorEngine Performance

The engine that will be equipped to this 2018 Volvo S80 is the 3.2-liter engine capacity. The engine is predicted will be able to deliver power up to 300 horsepower turbocharged. However, the detail information about this car is not known yet for now. It is due to the production of this car. This car is predicted will have some other changes due to the release date of this car that is still unknown too. But, people will not be disappointed because the company really works hard for the changes and improvements in the engine performance of this 2018 Volvo S80 in order to enhance the comfort of the customers also for the rate of sales market of the car.

2018 Volvo S80 Release Date and Price

This car is predicted will be released in the end of 2017 or even in the early of 2018. In some countries, this car will be available in market in around early 2018. The price that is predicted to be given to this car is around $41.000 up to $49.000. The information is still in predictions, so people should wait for the official information about this 2018 Volvo S80 from the company.

Volvo S80 Gallery

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