2018 Chrysler 200

Saturday, September 24th 2016 | Chrysler

2018 Chrysler 200 will come nearly in around 2018 for some market. This four-door mid-size car by Chrysler will come with new design that is more classy and elegant. People who are interested in this car will satisfy with the improvements and changes applied to this car.

2018 Chrysler 200 Front Angle

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of this car will come with new design that covers the shape of this car. The body of the car will be made from lighter material so the weight of the car will be lighter too. The benefits of having lighter weight will make the car be able to control the stability of the car even in the speed mode and more efficient in mileage. In the front part of the car, there will be the new grille and new headlights along with the LED lamps. Then, in the rear of the car, there will be the new taillights that will be completed with the LED lamps too and also there will be the new exhaust system. In the interior of the car, the cabin will be more spacious that benefits the seats, luggage space, and also legroom space. Almost all of the cabin area will be covered with the high quality material that will make the looks of this car becomes classy. In addition, the seats will be covered with high quality of material along with the heated technology system. To complete the convenience on this car there will be some features that will ease the driver and passengers. There are the U-connect along with the touch screen display, USB connection that will ease in charging smart phone and playing music. Besides that, the safety features are also upgraded by having the airbags, seat belts, parking assist, others. Overall, the features and facilities that are improved in this car will enhance the comfort the driver and also passengers in driving New Chrysler 200.

2018 Chrysler 200 InteriorEngine

The under hood of this 2018 Chrysler 200 will be powered with two engine powers. First is the 2.4-liter engine capacity and the second is the 3.6-liter engine capacity. Those engines will be completed with the 9-speed automatic transmission. By having those specifications, this car will have better and economical acceleration for about 22 mpg in city driving and also 35 mpg in highway driving.

2018 Chrysler 200 Release Date and Price

The release date of this car is predicted will be in around March 2018 in the US market. However, this information is still prediction and the company has not released the official release date of this car yet. For the price of this car will start from around $25.000 up to $30.000. People expect that the company will be able to fulfill the interest and curios of people about this 2018 Chrysler 200.

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