2018 Toyota Auris

Thursday, September 15th 2016 | Toyota

2018 Toyota Auris will be the new Auris series that will be launched by Toyota. The changes and improvements are absolutely will be found in this car even though there is only some detail information known about those. So, to know more about this car, people should be patient in waiting the official information from the company about this car.

2018 Toyota Auris Front Angle

Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior design of the car is the first thing that can be seen. The company makes the exterior design of this car to be worth to see by having new design. The new design will make the car to have more sophisticated look. The other exterior change will also impact to the interior of the car which is the cabin of the car. The cabin of the car will be more spacious due to the size or the platform of the car that is a little bit longer than the previous model. Inside of the car, the dashboard and the cabin will be the main focuses of the changes and improvements on the designs. But, some features will also be added to enhance the comfort of both driver and the passengers in driving this car. Even though the detail information about those changes and improvements can be known for now but the changes and improvements of this car will surely impress and satisfy people who want to have 2018 Toyota Auris.

Engine Performance

The engine that will be equipped to 2018 Toyota Auris is the 1.6-liter engine capacity. This engine is predicted will be able to deliver power up to 132 horsepower. This engine will let the car to be more economic in fuel usage with only 30.5 for high mpg used. However, the other detail information about this car is not known for now. It is because the car is still in the production process which will allow this car to have any changes in some specifications that have been known now.

2018 Toyota Auris Release Date and Price

This car is predicted will be released in the end of 2016 year even though this car is the 2018 year model. The price that is tagged to this car is started from $14.000 as the base price. Higher price can be tagged for the higher or different type of this car. All of the information about the release date and the price of this car is still the predictions info, people should wait for the official information about this 2018 Toyota Auris from the company.

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