2018 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

Monday, September 12th 2016 | Ford

2018 Ford Transit will be launched soon as the newest van or SUV car manufacture by Ford. The company has redesigned this car to be more attractive not only in the outside appearance but also in the inside of the car. Moreover, the engine performance is also improved with result the better performance for not only in the on-road driving but also for the off-road driving.

2018 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Front Angle

Exterior and Interior

The changes are absolutely made for the exterior design of the car. In the front part of the car, the headlights are supported with the LED lights that benefit the driver in driving at night or in the foggy places. The grille has got different shape than the previous model. The doors are designed to be the swing out-doors. The wheel used is the 16 inches alloy wheels. In the rear part of the car, the taillights are designed to have better looks with aerodynamics shape. The company will offer some options for the model of this car; they are the base Van, the Wagon XL, and the Wagon XXL. Some specifications are just the same in those models. Now, moving to the interior of this car, the interior is designed to be bigger in the cabin. The cabin will be able to accommodate for five to seven passengers. The seats are covered with the top quality of leather. The new high technology is used for some features. The safety features are also upgraded too. Those features are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of both the driver and the passengers in driving this 2018 Ford Transit.


The engine equipped to this 2018 Ford Transit is going to be more powerful than the latest model. In this model, the engine used is the 3.5-liter engine capacity with the Eco Boost engine. The power that can be delivered by this engine is around 300 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. The other engine that is believed to be used is the 3.7-liter engine capacity with petrol V6 engine unit. This engine can deliver power up to 280 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the company also offers other engine which is the 3.2-liter engine capacity along with the 5-cylinder engine with 185 horsepower. Those engines, then, will be completed with the 6-sped gearbox. It is still unknown whether the engine can be chosen by the customers or the company has chosen the engine for this car.

2018 Ford Transit Release Date and Price

This car is predicted will be able to see in the market in around half of 2017 or in the early of 2018. The price that is given to this car is started around $26.000 up to $30.000. By having those specifications, this 2018 Ford Transit will surely be able to compete with the other SUV cars in its market even though it is going to be hard.

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