2018 Dodge Viper

Monday, September 5th 2016 | Dodge

2018 Dodge Viper is the newest luxurious sport car that will be launched soon. The new changes in the exterior of the car will enhance the look of the car which will also amaze people. After fascinating with the exterior design, people will also be amazed with the engine performance of the car that will be able to run better than the other type. Surely, this car will not disappoint people who have it.

2018 Dodge Viper ACR Front Angle

Exterior and Interior

The exterior design is made to be in two body styles which have the hardtop coupe. The body of the car is made from aluminum that will make the performance of this car better even in very fast speed. Moreover, the lighter body will also help this car to have better result in fuel consumption. The lights in front and rear or taillights are supported with the LED lights. Then, the design is made to be more aerodynamic. Some changes are made to be bold and aggressive. In the interior of the car, the standard cabin will still be found. Some features are rumoured to be removed because it impacts on the weight of the car. Inside this car will be covered with the carbon fibre along with the leather that will cover the gear shift and the seats. The new panel is made with the big screen with better performance that will ease the driver in knowing some information about the car. Even though, some features inside this car are removed but the interior of this 2018 Dodge Viper still offers comfort and convenience for both driver and passengers.   


The under hood that is hold by this 2018 Dodge Viper is the 8.4-liter engine capacity along with the V10 engine. The power that can be delivered by this car is up to 640 horsepower and also 600 lb-ft of torque. That’s an amazing output that this car has. This incredible engine is completed with the 6-speed manual transmission. Overall, the improvements that are given to this car will really make the performance of this car better or even very gorgeous.   

2018 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price

The release date of this car is not known yet but it is predicted to be launched in 2017 as the 2018 year model car. The price given to this car is predicted will start about $88.000. The price is absolutely worth for this 2018 Dodge Viper as it has better specifications than the latest type and even will be able to compete with the other car in its class.

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