2018 Toyota Aurion facelifted and details

Friday, August 26th 2016 | Toyota

2018 Toyota Aurion will cherish the market of its class through its changes. The company surely has made some changes in this car to make this car be able to compete with the other car. Even though, some information about this car is not known yet but surely this car is worth to have.

2018 Toyota Aurion

Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of this car will get some changes. The elegant style which represents the luxurious look will be found in the exterior of this car. The 18” alloy wheels with low profile tires will make this car looks sportier than the previous type. While, the interior of this car is designed to have the luxurious design as the outside looks. There will be chrome material that covers the cabin of the car along with the two options of cabin colours which are black and ivory. The seats will be covered with the fine quality of leather. The cabin will also be more spacious that will be available for the seven passengers. The other additional features are the entertainment features such as the touch screen audio that connected with the Bluetooth. There are also the Smart Entry and Smart Start system which allow people to lock and unlock or even start the car without the key plugged in. Moreover, there are the multi-information display to inform the temperature, fuel consumption, and other information about the car. In addition, what makes this 2018 Toyota Aurion becomes more interesting is the seven airbags as the top features for the security features.

Engine Performance

The under hood of this 2018 Toyota Aurion will be powered with the V6 engine that can generate power to 200 horsepower. The engine will be completed with the six-speed automatic transmissions that will help this car to go smooth and fast. Moreover, it will also make this car to be more economic in the fuel usage. The capacity of the fuel tank is 70-litre that can be run with the 91 RON unleaded petrol also the E10 fuel. The engine itself is highly efficient and aerodynamic with the ECO engine. Overall, the changes in the engine performance will make this car become more comfortable in driving this car.

2018 Toyota Aurion Release Date and Price

The information about the release date and also price of the car is also the important information that people wait for. By knowing the release date and also price of the car people can prepare for having the car. Unfortunately, the detail information about the release date and also price of this car is not known for now. So, people should wait for the official information from the company about the release date and also price of this 2018 Toyota Aurion.

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