2018 Ford GT Price, Specs

Tuesday, June 14th 2016 | Ford

After releasing several new car models, Ford Company once again will be ready to surprise the auto market by introducing the next generation of GT as 2018 year version. Based on recent reports, the upcoming 2018 Ford GT will be equipped with some additional facilities and powered with great engine. Thus, not only offering a comfortable driving but also the GT will serve the driver a powerful performance. Let’s see the car closer.

New Ford GT

New Design

Bringing the theme of luxury and comfort, the auto designer is expected to make some refreshments on the truck design. As its fellow, Mustang, the GT will be a new mainstay to represent the stunning muscle car. The truck body structure will be built up in more aerodynamic styling and sharp surface for better air flows. The wind screen will be more curved and owning a jet-fighter look. When seeing to the car inside, it is likely that we will see the Formula 1 steering wheel given to the upfront side. Some new components for configuration and control will be enhanced despite the detailed picture is not yet existing. To see more information on the 2018 Ford GT design, make sure to keep the updates.


As compromising to provide the strong and powerful sports truck, the engineer will power the GT with a 3.5-liter 6-cylinder EcoBoost engine capable to generate the power of more than 600 horsepower. Similar engine has been also used in the IMSA Daytona prototype suggesting that it is reliable for racing condition. To boost up the speed, a 7-speed dual-clutch transaxle transmission will paired to the 2018 Ford GT engine.

2018 Ford GT Release Date and Price

Presented as 2018 year model, many expect that the GT truck will be premiered sometime in 2017 and ready for sale in around 2018. Nevertheless, the price list of the 2018 Ford GT is not yet known for now. Just keep up the updates

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