2018 Tesla Roadster Rumors, Price, Specs

Tuesday, April 5th 2016 | Tesla

Tesla manufacturer has made a dauntless breakthrough by introducing the new package of Roadster after it was discontinued since the Model S was shown to the public. The company does work hard to rebuild the Tesla Roadster for being a sports car with an advanced revamps and powerful ability. Current reports have suggested that the 2018 Tesla Roadster will be the fastest hybrid car along the top lineup vehicle in the global automobile. Moreover, the upcoming Roadster will be packaged with a larger battery that offers further range than other Tesla forerunners. This sports car will best option for those who search for a long-endurance vehicle.

Tesla Roadster Side Angle
2018 Tesla Roadster Rumors

Exterior and Interior

The auto designer has been promising to offer an entirely different look of the new Roadster compared to its previous model. The whole external package will be slightly similar as possessing a small 2-soor coupe with a lower nose, upgraded rear end and also an enhanced flat hardtop roofline. For the air vents, there will be a better circulation intakes provided. Apart all, we still expect that the most massive refreshments are just a step closer to come.

Shifting to the interior changes, none could describe it for sure. The following details will be just a rumor and prediction. In its cabin, the 2018 Tesla Roadster will be beautified with high-level materials. The sporty car seats will be upholstered in a top leather and accentuated with carbon fiber. Since the Roadster is typically sports car, so we might not see the Model S adapted even though some still prefer to highlight the S huge touch screen instrument panel given inside. For the newly installed features, we must be patient to figure it out in the future.


A noticeable tweak is going to be taken into the car’s engine particularly for the power sources. As building up the efficient fuel economy vehicle, the forthcoming 2018 Tesla Roadster might enhance the better battery pack with 85 kWh or higher than that. For the comparison, the new 70 kWh lithium-ion battery pack in Tesla Roadster 3.0 can go around 400 miles of range. However, there remain very open changes for the electric car’s powertrain considering that the new hood is now under the development.

2018 Tesla Roadster Release Date and Price

The official release date for the electric Roadster car is still unknown. Simply the automaker is now working on finishing it. For the price list, the 2018 Tesla Roadster is expected not to go more than $100,000. The most rational appraisal, this sports car might be worth around $70,000 or less.

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