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Tuesday, March 29th 2016 | Toyota

The issue of fuel efficiency has taken a public attention in today car automobile. Several companies are in duty to develop a new car with an advanced power management. Toyota, as one of the top manufacturer, is also preparing to introduce its 2018 Toyota Highlander. The upcoming mid-size SUV will carry significant upgrades and styling. New appearances and redesigns are in the designers’ plan. Some expect that the vehicle comes with a more affordable price and offers various models to win the market competition.

2018 Toyota Highlander SUV
2018 Toyota Highlander Redesigns

It is quite sure as the fourth Highlander will be more stylish, innovative and comfortable vehicle for bringing the new added features. Some speculations report that the car’s platform will be supplemented with 5-entrance framework. Additionally, even the 2018 Toyota Highlander is typically mid-size model, but it will be ready to carry on passengers comfortably up to eight people. The new look will be obvious to the edge of the headlights and backlights layered to car’s bumper since LED lighting, and xenon modification is highlighted.

Car designer does not leave the passengers’ entertainment. Equipping the cabin with lots of latest technologies consisting of 5-inch touchscreen, voice commands, USB port, Bluetooth and also fantastic speakers will offer a sensation of pleasure and excitement. Some new assistance features: Driving support with a rear-view camera, park-assistance sensors, air-conditioning, seat heating and also a heated steering wheel are installed in the current Toyota Highlander.


To boost the car’s performance, the 2.7 liter V6 powertrain with turbo-compressor is prepared to go. Experts estimate that this engine can produce the amount of power 270 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. The reached top speed goes around 135 mph, and the new Toyota is reported to speed capable up to 60 mph in an average time of 8 seconds. Anyhow, the current 2018 Toyota Highlander is still in development, that it is very possible with some advancements ahead, the new mid-size SUV will get more miles, currently 25 miles combined, on the better fuel rate.

2018 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

The release date is, unfortunately, not yet officially published. Some news reports that the SUV will not show up in the fall. The appraised price for the car suggests it may start around $35,000 and could go higher. However, after little reading to the offered new changes and improvements, the coming of 2018 Toyota Highlander is worth wait.

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