2018 Nissan Z Sport

Thursday, March 24th 2016 | Nissan

The all new upcoming Nissan vehicle must be best option for those who are looking for a powerful racing performance. Few years ahead, the manufacturer has nearly introduced the 2018 Nissan Z to the global auto. The Nissan Z model has been successful to attract the public attention for being a stunning car with dynamic driving appearance. Moreover, the car ability to maneuver can be relied on to avoid traffic jam and go on top speed.

New 2018 Nissan Z Sport
2018 Nissan Z New Styling

It might be too early to talk about the detailed specs for the 2018 Nissan Z since the company has not given a clear picture about it. Anything related to changes and improvements are no way than just a rumor. However, no doubt that Nissan, for the late decades, have been acknowledged as the automaker that always offers the advanced and cherished vehicles. According to the latest rumors, the external appearance of the Z type looks like racing car. To support the high speed, the car designer has created the aerodynamic system. The front end will be available in flat shape for winding movement while in the back end, we might see the relatively balanced shape. Not left, the typically Nissan style is still maintained to the front bumper and light. In overall package, the new Nissan Z brings the luxury and sporty touch. In its inside part, one noticeable revamp can be seen to the red and black interior. The color combination is best to avoid the distraction in the middle of high speed driving.

Engine Specs

By dint of the future Nissan is under development, no definite engine information is known. Nevertheless, we might expect that the engineer has prepared the best for the Nissan Z powertrain. For the comparison, we could see the engine injected to 2016 Nissan Z. It uses a 3.7 liter V6 engine mated with six speed transmission. The reached mileage could go from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds. Of course, there is still very open possibility that the 2018 Nissan Z will enhance the higher engine.

2018 Nissan Z Release Date and Price

The due date of the car release remains veiled. Current reports speculate that the 2018 Nissan Z would make its debut sometime in 2017. With all the embedding improvements and powerful performance, the car price is appraised to go around $50,000.

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