2018 Nissan IDX News, Price, Rumors

Friday, March 18th 2016 | Nissan

If most manufacturers compete to build up modern and futuristic car models, Nissan does the opposite. The company is now preparing the all-new 2018 Nissan IDX as having a classic styling and characteristic of the old late 60’s car. It is likely a bit gambling for the auto maker beholding the popularity of vintage model in today’s auto world. However, there is a currently considerable raising number of customers searching for the antique vehicles. Hopefully, the upcoming old-fashioned vehicle could catch the public eyes.

2018 Nissan IDX Side View
2018 Nissan IDX
New Styling

Some pictures have rendered the new outlook of the IDX platform. We might see the classic car with pale white color. The front part of the vehicle is advanced with several revamps in the grille and bumper. Additionally, the headlight available in ring shape will add the awesomeness of the car shape. Despite the car is possessing an old styling, but the car designer still retains the modern touch to the 2018 Nissan IDX. The car’s whole package definitely looks stunning and impressive. The interior has been expected to have more elegant appearance as highlighted with white and black high-end leather material. A single circle speedometer given inside will add the vintage touch and luxurious design. Above all, the Nissan automaker is now working on to develop the forthcoming IDX version as being the best choice for driving. Hence, we could expect there would be more obvious detail of the renewed designs and sophisticated installed features.


No exact news reported the powertrain for the future IDX car. One for sure, albeit the forth 2018 Nissan IDX is typically an old car model but the engineer has prepared to inject the car with an upgraded engine. Engine version of 1.8 liter and 1.6 turbo-four is ready to boost up the car performance. This power source will be mated with a CVT transmission for offering the convenient driving and improving the fuel consumption.

2018 Nissan IDX Release Date and Price

One hint coming from Nissan Company suggests that the car will be introduced to public sometime in 2017. The exact date and month for its release still remain unknown. Anyone who wants to own this old classy but powerful 2018 Nissan IDX should at least have $25,000 in the pocket.

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