2017 Ford Lightning Specs, Performance, News

Thursday, February 25th 2016 | Ford

2017 Ford Lightning is the pickup car model that will be launched by Ford soon. This truck car has been waited by some people who love the design of the truck by Ford. Besides the design of this car, the high technology is the other reason why people are interested in this truck car. The company itself, Ford, has made some changes in some parts of this car such as in the interior and exterior design and also in the engine performance. However, the detail information about this car is not known yet but there is some predictions talk about the detail information about this car that is also worth enough to be known.

2017 Ford Lightning
2017 Ford Lightning Specs

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of this 2017 Ford Lightning will be more stylish. The front of the car will get some new touches such as in the bumper, grille, and also in the lights. The signature of the car will remain the same because it is the characteristic of this car. The exterior design of this car will look stylish, strong, and also gorgeous. Then, inside of this car, the cabin is made to be more spacious. The seats are made to be more stylish with the high quality of leather that is used to cover the seats. Then, the features are also added to this car such as the entertainment features and also the safety features. Those features are improved to make the driver and also the passengers to feel more comfortable in riding this car.

Engine Performance

High performance engine will be given to this car. it is the new EcoBoost engine technology with the 5,3-liter engine capacity along with the V8 engine. It is also predicted that the company will also give this car any additional engine beside the main engine. However, the detail information about the engine performance of this car is not known yet for now. But, one for sure, this 2017 Ford Lightning will have a very good engine performance that will amaze people.

2017 Ford Lightning Release Date and Price

The release date of this car is expected will be on early of 2017 or can be late of 2017. Unfortunately, the price of this car is not known until now. So, we have to wait until the company releases the official price of this 2017 Ford Lightning.

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