2018 Jaguar XJ

Sunday, February 21st 2016 | Jaguar

2018 Jaguar XJ is the most stylish sedan cars that will be launched soon by Jaguar. This car will perform the fastest performance in its class by having some improvements in some parts on this car such as the engine performance, interior design, exterior design, and also other specifications. The company will not disappoint the luxurious sedan lovers by having this car.

New Jaguar XJ
2018 Jaguar XJ Exterior and Interior

This car will fulfil the demand of the market about the stylish car that also has great engine performance. Start from the exterior of this car, the grille will be all new. Thanks to the front grille that makes this car look very high style. Moreover, the headlights will also be new which the design is according to the demand of the market. The LED lights will enhance the use of lights especially in the night view. Even though the information about the exterior changes are not detail yet but it is predicted that this car will have very stylish appearance. Then, let’s talk about the interior of this car. The cabin is designed to be more spacious and also added with some additional features. The panel will not be available in button forms. The wood element is used to decorate the interior of this car. In addition, the chrome materials complete the impression of this 2018 Jaguar XJ. According to those improvements in the exterior and interior of this car, it will be the best luxurious car by Jaguar.


To support the exterior and interior design of this 2018 Jaguar XJ, the engine performance is also concerned too. The company gives engine that will be used in this car with the 3.0-liter engine capacity that can deliver engine to 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. The company also prepares for the other engine which is the 5.0-liter version that will be available soon. The engine is powered by the 8-speed automatic transmission that can make this car runs faster and more comfortable.

2018 Jaguar XJ Release Date and Price

This car will be available in the market or will be released by the company in the beginning of the 2018. For the price of this 2018 Jaguar XJ is predicted will start from $85,000. By those specifications in the interior, exterior, and the engine used by this car, the price is worth enough.

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