2017 Jeep Patriot Replacement

Saturday, February 20th 2016 | Jeep

Perhaps you have heard that Jeep would like to release Jeep Compass with new interior and now, the hottest rumors are blowing the 2017 Jeep Patriot. With the less quality level to offer in the previous model and not-too-good market sales experienced by this car, the company would like to give something more for this new edition and their main prior is to correct all things around the cabin.

New Jeep Patriot
2017 Jeep Patriot Features

2017 Patriot is still under the preparation to be built. It will be designed with a completely new interior. The European model before was designed with the low quality of interior and the American company convinced it already. Because the falling sales record that is very drastic, they would like to give some revisions around the cabin to complete the huge demand among the European customers especially for the quality.

To achieve this goal, New Jeep Patriot 2017 will be designed with new dashboard and there will be no old style anymore from the previous model. It is designed with black color to give more stylish look. It also has new shape with the oval air conditioning vents to give more elegance around the dashboard. The new dashboard will be completed with the redesigned door panels and the upgraded materials upholstery for its seat cover. At the bottom, it is completed with durable carpet.

Besides, you can find out that 2017 Jeep Patriot has better soundproofing interior. It happens because the company will add additional damping materials to insulate the engine department. The modified suspension will complete the car to have more conventional riding experience.


For the basic motor, you will only find out six-speed manual. It goes with the stronger MJD with 2.0 liter to offer the output for about 125kW and it also has gasoline engine V6 Pentastar with 3.2 liter to produce the output about 200 kW.  2017 Jeep Patriot will be completed with standard nine-slot which is designed by ZF Friedrichshafen. To support its performance, it has all-wheel drive configuration.

2017 Jeep Patriot Price and Release Date

Although there is no confirmation yet given by the official about all rumors and speculations around the media, it is reported that 2017 Jeep Patriot could offer the base price for about $47.895 dollars. All three trim levels such as Sport, Permission and confined will be offered with unchanged costs. For the top trim, it can offer the starting price for about $56.695.

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