2017 Chrysler Aspen SUV

Friday, February 12th 2016 | Chrysler

The competition in SUV car type is assured to be more bristled with the coming of new pre-eminent vehicles generation. 2017 Chrysler Aspen will be one foremost SUV model of Chrysler Company that is currently ready to publish in public at around 2017. The automaker is trying to build up this SUV generation with full sized three-row as embodying the current archetype of popular luxury SUVs in world market. Rumors once have been spread out that the name of Aspen will be disposed from the upcoming Chrysler SUV. One for sure, yet, the new SUV will embed the refreshments and improvements.

2017 Chrysler Aspen Front Angle
2017 Chrysler Aspen Changes

Exterior and Interior Features

Chrysler Aspen model is commonly recognized as made with the base of Dodge Durango. The forthcoming model will enhance the contemporary body design to the higher level for taking an advanced configurations and changes. The clear picture of redesigned exterior has not definitely posted, but credible sources remarked that the new Aspen will feature the new headlight, tail lights, a new grille and others. The automaker has just given a massive upgrades for the interior of 2017 Chrysler Aspen. Some tweaks for the cabin will be equipped with larger space to be capable in carrying 8 passengers and still ample space for placing any baggage. Apart from the ongoing speculation, technological tools are also speculated to embed the inside part of the car, such as road safety navigation, ultimate audio system, and also airbags to protect the passengers from collisions. A sensation of luxury and full comfort will be offered to car enthusiasts who expect better driving experience.


As some speculations go around the public, the SUV version is expected to be motorized with powerful engines but fuel efficient. One sort of Pentastar engine series has been regarded a best opt for the 2017 Chrysler Aspen. Even these engines are not likely the best in raw power, but the mileage rate is notably profound. The equipped engines will be a 3.2 L V6 which can generate 271 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque. The next variant will appear to be 3.6L V6 that will be capable of producing 305 hp.

2017 Chrysler Aspen Release Date and Price

The official confirmation for the release date and price of new 2017 Chrysler Aspen has not been published. Some predictions indicate that the car will come to the on show at the end of 2016 or in the early 2017.  Experts’ estimation for the car price tag will go between $27,000 and $36,000 on sale, higher than its predecessors’ cost.

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