2017 Tesla Roadster Rumors, Release Date, Price

Wednesday, January 27th 2016 | Tesla

The competition in auto mobile world is getting tougher time to time. Tesla, as one eminent motor company, is about to launch its new stunning generation of electric car in around 2017. New 2017 Tesla Roadster will come bringing its futuristic redesigns and better advancements. One Tesla motor’s foreman, Elon Musk suggested that the name for this Tesla model will be Roadster Model 3 indicating the three bars embedded to its body.

New Tesla Roadster
2017 Tesla Roadster Changes

New Appearances

There is no satisfying information revealing the new look and redesigns of this Tesla car. The current expectancy proposes that this sports car must contain lighter material than its former. Hence, 2017 Tesla Roadster is predicted to be equipped with good aluminum quality. The front end part of the car will be bent-shaped layered with wood materials and featured with LED light persistent. The upgrade for its back end will be enhancing the spoiler and improving the diffuser. New Tesla will also have more modern facelift that we cannot find in its previous generation. For the interior, some equipment will be engaged to this car, such as new air bag, more infotainment systems, better roof, and fine-tuned stereo. The Tesla manufacturer is pretty optimistic to introduce their biggie new car as a right choice for comfortable driving experience.

Engine and Performance

The auto enthusiasts might be wondering about what type of engine will be extended to 2017 Tesla Roadster. Rumors just unofficially reported that this sports car, unlike Tesla model S, is attempting to provide more efficient fuel consumption and significant betterments. Unfortunately, the information about the engine upgrades remain lack of details. The manufacturer, however, has signaled that Tesla Roadster will be equipped with more powerful engine (248 hp) and supplied with new, affordable and smaller battery pack. This latest battery technology is made at Gigafactory and estimated to reach further mileage (400 miles per charge).

2017 Tesla Roadster Price and Release Date

In the middle of 2017, new 2017 Tesla Roadster is envisaged to first launch in public for the sale. The company, yet, has seemingly planned to show this car off in March 2016. The appraised price so far goes around $36,000. So, for the Tesla lovers, be prepared to witness this worth-awaited car.

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