2018 Honda Pilot Review, Concept and Rumors

Friday, January 1st 2016 | Honda

2018 Honda Pilot is the new SUV that will come to compete with other SUV. As the biggest SUV from Honda, this car is predicted will help the company to hit the market by its improvements. Even though the shape of this car is still boxy but it will still be comfortable to be used in daily activity driving.

2018 Honda Pilot
2018 Honda Pilot Changes


The exterior of this car will have the sporty and elegant look. The improvements will not too much but it still looks good too. The changes will be in the wheels trim, lamps which are front and rear, side mirrors, rolling doors for some model, and the size of this car. The very best version which is Elite version will get complete specifications of the changes. For the Touring and Elite model will be available the traffic information that can help the driver about the navigation which can be connected to the local traffic management. The interior of this car will have three row seats that can accommodate for eight passengers. The seats are covered with the high quality material. Moreover, the seats are able to be folded so it can make the cabin area becomes more spacious if needed. The company completes this car with the high technology systems in some features such as the blind spot indicators that are connected with the integrated camera, in the dashboard there will be the 8-inches LCD. Then, there will be audio and entertainment features to entertain the driver and the passengers. One of the good point from this 2018 Honda Pilot is the buyers will get the new service which is the special custom made leather case for the seats used.


The engine powered in this car is the 3.5-liter engine that can deliver power up to 200 horsepower. According to the five types of this 2018 Honda Pilot, there will be some differences in the engine used. The 6-speed automatic transmission is the based transmission used in this car while the special 9-speed transmission is given as the optional for some regional sales only.

2018 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

The information about the launching or the release date of this car is not predicted yet. The price of this car is predicted will be around $34,000. That is the worth price for having this 2018 Honda Pilot as the best car to have.

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