2018 Camaro SS Concept, Price and News

Saturday, December 19th 2015 | Chevrolet

2018 Camaro SS is the brand new sport car manufactured by Chevy that will be one of the best competitors for the other sports car such as Dodge and Ford. The company makes this car better by having improvements in its design in the interior and exterior and also in the engine performance. This sport car with two passengers will satisfy the market by fulfilling the demand of the new sport cars.

New Chevy Camaro Concept
2018 Camaro SS Redesign

Interior and Exterior

The appearance of this car is the first thing that attracts people. The body of this car is lighter which can make this car be able to go faster. The design looks aerodynamics even in the fast speed driving. However, some improvements in the exterior of this car decrease the performance of this car such as the shorter rear glass. It will decrease the outwards visibility of the driver. Not only the shorter rear glass, but also the tighter side window also will disturb the light which should be entered to the cabin. So, the company still has to improve some changes in the exterior of this car. In the interior of this car, even though some exterior changes in this car have some problem but the interior of this car will cover it. The seats of this car will be covered with high quality of leather. The seats look more assertive and stronger. Not only the seats but also the steering wheel will also be covered by leather too. Other features are the entertainment system with the touch screen system on the dashboard. Moreover, the 24 colours lighting in this 2018 Camaro SS will decorate the cabin of this car.

Engine Performance

The engine used in 2018 Camaro SS will be the V8 small-block LT1 engine with the 6.2-liter engine capacity. The company still uses the same engine with the previous model. However, this engine can give better performance in driving this car even though will not as fast as the Hellcat engine. It is expected that this car will still can be driven faster even with that engine.

2018 Camaro SS Release Date and Price

This car will be in the garage with the price for about $35,000. The price can be higher for the higher model of the car that is chosen. For the release date of 2018 Camaro SS until the company announces it.

Camaro SS Gallery

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