2018 Toyota Sienna

Wednesday, December 16th 2015 | Toyota

The latest prototype of 2018 Toyota Sienna was revealed by Toyota. They must be very busy to prepare some new cars for future including this version. It will be released with the great redesign. The previous model was failed to complete the demand on the market last year and now it is mentioned that Toyota will do something more to redesign the outer part.

Toyota Sienna Minivan
2018 Toyota Sienna

Interior and Exterior

The company has big target to increase the current sales record. They also have to keep their dominance on the market by dealing with some strong rivals because the market competition is getting harder than before. To achieve it, the redesign concept will be planned for both exterior and interior. The changes around the exterior and interior would be enough to attract buyers because the car is much better than the previous model. If the changes in 2018 Toyota Sienna is not significant, we afraid of the same experience happened as the failure in the previous model.

Changes, Engine and Price

2018 Toyota Sienna has a strong indication to be released by Toyota and we are waiting the confirmation for the possible changes and improvements around it. It is mentioned by many unofficial reports that the company will revise it with the changes for both the exterior and interior. The reduction around its weight will be the center of attraction. They also will do their best in order to offer new grille, bumpers and lights in this car.

Speaking about the cabin, 2018 Toyota Sienna is designed with the new seats, advanced navigation system, steering wheel and dashboard. It is also expected that the car has new sound system, DVD player and also new entertainment systems to offer.

In order to give best performance, the specification for its mechanical details is what we need right now. It is mentioned 2018 Toyota Sienna will be designed with the current engine. If this report is true, it means that Toyota will install petrol engine four-cylinder with 1.4 liter to offer the amount of output for around 266 horsepower. It is also quite promising to find out hybrid engine but there is no confirmation yet regarding to all issues from the official. It is expected that Toyota will offer it with the new brake system and the engine could be presented with the presence of six-speed auto transmission. When it comes to the price tag, 2018 Toyota Sienna could be available at cost $30,000.

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