2018 Ford Focus RS and ST

Tuesday, December 8th 2015 | Ford

2018 Ford Focus is the new hatchback car by Ford that will be launched soon. There are two kinds of this car which are sedan and compact car. The company has prepared for the hybrid version that will be launched soon too. This car will compete with other compact cars with its improvement.

New Ford Focus
2018 ford Focus Improvements

Interior and Exterior

In interior of this 2018 Ford Focus, there is comfort cabin that includes comfort seats that are covered with high quality of leather case. The dashboard panel is made to be smart panel that uses the touch screen system. This touch screen system will help the driver and passengers in using the features. The internet and entertainment system are upgraded. In addition, for the safety of the driver and passengers, there will be seat belts and air bags in every seat.  In the exterior of this car is designed to have five doors which are two pairs on left and right and in the back side of the car. The front bumper that is more elegant. The body is made from the best material to make this car lighter but still sturdy. The high technology tires can be used in any kinds of roads. Moreover, there is automatic balancing system to stabilize in the bad road. Other features are wheel rims and windshield.

Engine Performance

Engine used in this model is different in each type. For the base engine there is the 2.0-liter and four cylinders that can produce power up to 130 horsepower. All of the engine used will be equipped with the turbocharged engine. Further, the company will offer the new hybrid model for the future of Focus type. The engine used in 2018 Ford Focus is fitted with all of the costumers and market preferences.

2018 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

It is said that this car will have price start from $18,000 for the standard type. As known that this car will have some types, so the price will also depend on the type which is chosen. For the higher type the price will be higher too because the specifications that are more complete. However, the release date of this car is not announced yet by the company. So, people who are interested in this car will have to wait for the official release date of this 2018 Ford Focus.

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