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Thursday, November 5th 2015 | Ford

It looks like that Ford would be very busy at the future because most of their cars are rumored to come out including the new 2017 Ford Taurus. It is designed by Ford in order to complete the international market demand including China, India, South America and also Southeast Asia. It is also the Australian car and the car is still under the development after we found that the car is still doing its driving test performance in Melbourne. The Australian version will replace the Falcon.

2017 Ford Taurus SHO Spy Shots
2017 Ford Taurus Sho Specs


Speaking about the interior and exterior design, it is quite well-designed. Based on the quick look from photographer photos, we could see that the company will support 2017 Ford Taurus with large LCD screen and it has stitched leather dashboard. The color-coded seats are presented with the rote electric seats adjustments to give more comfort for the front passengers. In addition, the vertical will be replaced with rotary dial gear. The exterior has front bumper bar with hexagonal grille and it has about 4000 mm longer than the European version.

Besides, you can find out that this SUV has better exterior to offer more spacious cabin compared to the predecessor. Most of its body is made of aluminum and carbon fiber so that it has lighter weight and better efficiency on engine execution. Rumors also mentioned that the weight is almost 500lbs for 2017 Ford Taurus.


2017 Ford Taurus will be designed with the support of V6 and 3.5 liter. Another option is Ecoboost system with 2.3 liter. We think that they will give a new design but there is no upgraded engine to offer. Some engine modifications are possible to offer and the D4 platform should make this car much lighter than before. It should go with nine-speed gearbox for better performance.

Competitors and Release Date

2017 Ford Taurus has some direct competitors to deal with and that is the big reason why Ford would like to offer more. By adding more modifications around this SUV, Ford is quite good to offer more modern and alluring design in this latest edition.

Since it is designed for 2017, we do believe that they will not release it before 2016. We think that the improvements are quite interesting in 2017 Ford Taurus. Therefore it is not too much for to advice you that it is better to wait this newest edition instead of purchasing the current model.

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