2017 Ford Bronco Raptor SVT

Friday, September 25th 2015 | Ford

To be the center of attraction on the global automotive industry, 2017 Ford Bronco will be released with improved design and specification. This car will be built just like mediocre car unit and its outlook is quite sensational. Its first debut was introduced in 1966 and the sixth generation was produced in 2004.

2017 Ford Bronco after a long sleep, it is designed to be the seventh generation. To create a big return, it is coming out with more aggressive performance and the design is quite marvelous.

Ford Bronco
2017 Ford Bronco Changes

Exterior and Interior

As a luxury sport utility car, it will be the best option for you who need heavy duty car because it has high-standard specifications to deal with main and hard terrains. The car could go on muddy, sandy, swampy, industrial areas and even mountainous as the new 2017 Ford Bronco.

For the all-new model, it is very artistic car to offer because the macho and manly design around its interior and exterior. There are some revisions added including the higher and larger wheelbase. Overall the wheelbase dimension is around 2.660mm and it has some significant changes around the front row. It has new grille accents and new headlights. For the front grille, it is enlarged to offer more aggressive look. The larger grille for this 2017 Ford Bronco will be built in classic rectangular shape and there are silver sterling details to give more luxurious look. The attractive accents are added to make it fresher than before with larger headlights at the same rectangular look. Its cabin is revised to be more ergonomic and its interior is quite spacious to offer.

Feature and Engine

2017 Ford Bronco will come out with the high standard and this latest edition is completed with higher technology and system compared to the previous model. Its features are quite interesting such as the navigation, auxiliary jacks, Bluetooth, USB port, dual-zone auto climate control, rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, premium sound system, parking assist, anti-lock braking and so on. This heavy duty car also has aggressive performance with the support of V8 engine and it is paired to eight-speed auto transmission. The global price tag for this car is from $28.037 to $38.730.

We do not know when the company would like to release it. What we could suggest you at the end is waiting the official confirmation. Since there is no official detail yet, we cannot grant you that all information here is totally true for 2017 Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco Gallery

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