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Thursday, August 27th 2015 | Ford

Another product from Ford that is strongly rumored to come out on the market is 2017 Ford Ranger. This truck is mentioned to get some refreshments here and there to keep its popularity. It is true that the car is known well which is quite impossible if Ford does not release it for future since its design is well-accepted in global market.

Considering that many other automakers could offer more trucks on the market, Ford must refresh the look of the predecessor to make it more competitive and release it as the new 2017 Ford Ranger. Some new touches will be added for its strengthened domination.

2017 Ford Ranger USA
2017 Ford Ranger Specs


We cannot help our self with the growth of rumors about 2017 Ford Ranger especially for the updates around the mechanical specification. It is still hard to get known on it and we only could tell you that rumors said it will go with the old engine especially for the base. In another word, it will go with 2.0 liter engine. Others mentioned that the most possible is using new engine called turbo Ecoboost with 2.3 liter to offer greater output with more efficient fuel consumption.


Buyers could find out the significant updates around this newest edition especially for the exterior. Still based on rumors, it will go with new bodywork made of steel and aluminum. The styling on the exterior for 2017 Ford Ranger is improved with some minor changes too, for example the redesigned headlights and grilles to give fresher look than before.


Besides all changes and improvements around the exterior, Ford would like to give harmony by adding some updates and revisions around the cabin of 2017 Ranger. Regardless the fact, the company will support it with the minor changes around the styling. It could be achieved by adding new dashboard with restyled look to give simpler yet stylish design for this truck. In addition, some features including the connectivity and audio system will be upgraded.

2017 Ford Ranger Release  

So far, all speculations and rumors above have not been confirmed yet by Ford. They also do not give any announcement yet on public at the time we are writing this report. What we found is a strong prediction that the company would like to offer slightly higher price tag for 2017 Ford Ranger compared o the previous model and it will be released sometime in 2016.

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